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No matter where yo uare from, you are family here.

Foreign drivers that have been on the road for years and even decades in other countries may assume that they are ready to pass the road test in New York. Upon applying for a permit however, they learn that they must go through the entire process and that can be frustrating. Trust us, going through the process isn’t something bad. Research shows that drivers accumulate bad habits over the years, and they may not realize that they can potentially fail the test with maneuvers that they think are okay. One example of this is how they hold the steering wheel. Examiners can tell if you are a seasoned driver and will not hesitate to add points during the test run if you fail to adhere to the rules and maneuver the car appropriately. Do not risk failing your road exam and taking it more than once; we offer packages with foreign drivers in mind. The Rush Package comes with an expedited road test appointment, a car for the test, and two driving lessons that you can take right before the exam. That way, you can brush up on what you need to practice, take a “mock” road test that one of our senior instructors can give you to evaluate your performance, and with a combination of your experience and our expertise, we will help you pass the test on your very first try.

Everywhere you go, the driving experience will change


Foreign drivers are forced to learn new laws, new roads, and new culture.

Getting your New York Drivers License, and learning to drive may seem daunting. DriveRite is here to help. With an experienced staff and decades of combined driving instruction, we will make sure you are prepared to drive safely and efficiently, wherever you are!

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