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Let's grow together.
At Drive Rite Academy, we are committed to building a culture where amazing
individuals, like you, can do amazing work. If you’re ready to grow your career
while helping thousands of people achieve their dreams, you’ve come to the right place.
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What is Drive Rite Academy?

Drive Rite Academy is a leading provider of driver training in New York. All throughout the state, tens of thousands of customers

use our services to help obtain their driver’s licenses. It is our mission and core value to make the

process of learning how to drive attainable for all; we want our students to be able to reach their fullest potential.

This is what a company that lasts for generations is built on.

What is it like to work at Drive Rite Academy?

Your best work starts here. This is why we are confident that,
when this question arises, you will hear the same few sentiments:

There’s no inner circle.

Everyone at Drive Rite, from the C-suite to a newly-hired intern, shares

information, knowledge, and ideas. Being radically transparent helps us all think

like founders, and keeps us focused on our customers.

We work autonomously.

At Drive Rite Academy, we don’t believe in micromanaging. We trust our team

members to hold themselves accountable for work that directly impacts the

business. You can move fast, and learn even faster.

Diverse perspectives are celebrated.

We’re committed to building an environment that is reflective of our team

members’ unique identity, culture, and personal experiences, in which diversity

of thought is encouraged. After all, two heads are better than one

(or three, or four, or five)!

Our employees are people, not robots.

It goes without saying that, our team members are individuals who have families,

hobbies, and lives separate from work. Treating each and every one with respect,

showing appreciation for their work, and being an encourager

creates a healthy environment from which everybody benefits, including our customers.


Who we aspire to be.

We are dedicated to building an environment where personal and professional growth is equally
important to business growth. Because of this, we invest a lot of time into strengthening
the Drive Rite Academy culture; we want to continue to create an
organization that mirrors our core values – quality, respect, and integrity.

Where we work.

Drive Rite Academy is rooted in Brooklyn, NY, but it is quickly

growing and branching out to surrounding areas.

Brooklyn, New York
Staten Island, New York
Queens, New York

Picture yourself at Drive Rite Academy.

Find us on Instagram: @driveritenyc

What employees are saying.

Thanks to Drive Rite Academy feedback and reviews over the years,

we’ve been lucky to be named a great place to work globally.

5 Stars

100% of Employees on Indeed Recommend Drive Rite Academy

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