Biggest Distractions Teen Drivers

By Simon
As a teen driver, getting your driver’s license gives you a new, huge sense of freedom. But along with getting your driver’s license, you are also accepting a huge responsibility to be safe, and to ensure the safety of other drivers on the road. Teen driving is an important component of general road safety in every state across the country. Unfortunately, because teens are newdrivers, they are more likely to be baddrivers, due to their lack of experience. They are also more likely to take unnecessary risks behind the wheel, and are easily distracted. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common distractions for drivers new and experienced, and how to deal with them on the road. Cell Phones Cell phones are not just a distraction for teenagers. They are a distraction for everyone on the road. Reading and answering texts, selecting songs to listen to, taking phone calls, playing games, or searching the Internet are all huge safety risks. Horrible traffic accidents occur as a result of people checking their phones while driving. Options to avoid the temptation to check cell phones while driving include placing your cell phone in the glove box before starting to drive, turning your cell phone off, placing your cell phone in the back seat where it can’t be reached, or just turning your phone on silent or airplane mode. More details about options for what to do with cell phones while driving will be taught at various driving schools in the Bronx. Music Part of being a teenager and expressing oneself is to listen to music at extremely high volumes, blasting your favorite songs and singing along with your friends. However, as fun as this might seem, listening to loud music can lead to bad car accidents. Parents should try to convince their teens to turn their music down while driving. Don’t install the loudest possible sound system. And make sure to enforce the same rules for cell phones as for iPods and other musical devices. Music is fun to listen to, but make sure you pre-choose the songs you will enjoy during your drive, and avoid getting distracted fiddling with your iPod or the radio. Friends in the Car One of the biggest distractions for teens on the road is having friends in the car with them. While it is exciting to be able to drive around with friends without parents, it can also be dangerous. Educate teens on the importance of not letting their friends become distractions. Pulling over and telling friends to settle down so you can focus on driving is a great way to let friends know that you take your driving responsibilities seriously. A rule that parents should strictly enforce is that friends are not allowed to ride in the car without wearing seatbelts. This can help to prevent injuries and even death from too many teens being crammed into a car without adequate seatbelts for everyone. Drive Rite Academy, one of the best driving schools in the Bronx, teaches safe driving habits to make teens better drivers. Our innovative approach to teaching driving focuses on a wide range of knowledge and skills that will prepare our students to be safe and independent drivers!
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