Common Distractions Drivers Face Avoid

By Simon

Car accidents are so common on the road that they're often ignored as mere fender benders. Many of these accidents can be avoided, though, when you're aware of the distractions that are inherent to driving. Be conscious of your behavior behind the wheel, and you'll avoid accidents for most of your life.

Electronic Pressures

The world thrives on communication and electronic gadgetry, and that fact doesn't escape the car. A top distraction is a cell phone or tablet. Text messages, phone calls, and emails run through these devices. Drivers believe that they can handle the road and the call at the same time. It's inevitable that an accident will occur at some point if you drive with your cell phone in your hand. A driving school in Manhattancan help you learn how to keep your hands off the electronics for safety's sake.

Your Surrounding Passengers

Your loved ones may be wonderful people, but they can become distractions on the road. Loud conversations or dramatic gestures can cause the driver to pay more attention to the interior than the exterior. Ask everyone to speak at a low level so that you can pay attention to the road. One swerve in the wrong direction can spell disaster for a driver who was just laughing at a joke told in the vehicle.

The Hunger Factor

You're busy and hungry. It makes sense to fill the time during a commute by eating a meal or snack. Eating during a drive is another distraction that can be devastating as you might learn at a driving school in Queens. Paying attention to a piece of food that dropped or maneuvering the soda straw into your mouth will create problems on the road that you're only partially paying attention to. Eat your snack before the drive so that you have enough energy to control the car without any drowsiness.

Sleepy Conditions

Some experts have suggested that driving while sleepy is just as dangerous as being tipsy on alcohol. Make sure that you have a good night's sleep before handling a car. If you feel sleepy, ask a loved one to drive instead. The drive may only be for a few miles, but accidents can occur at any point. They can even occur near your home.

Learning these safe driving habits from Drive Rite Academycan help to keep you and your passengers’ safe. Put the distractions down, and focus on your destination, your passengers will thank you!

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