Defensive Driving Course Can Help

By Simon
Defensive Driving is essentially driving in a manner that utilizes safe driving strategies to enable motorists to identify and address hazards in a predictable manner. These driving strategies go well beyond instructions that merely cater to basic traffic laws and procedures. With our defensive driving lessons in Brooklyn NY, at Drive Rite Academy, students learn to improve their driving skills by making well informed decisions and anticipating situations.

What Are The Benefits?

While the benefits of defensive driving lessons vary with each state, they can help secure a reduction of points on your driver’s license following a ticket as well as a reduction in your insurance premium. In New York, taking a defensive driving course can help reduce up to 10% of the insurance rates for a period of three years.

What’s Included In A Defensive Driving Class?

Here is a basic outline of what’s included in a defensive driving class:

Traffic Crashes

Losses from traffic crashes - particularly those involving use of alcohol - can have both social and personal impacts. The causes of such crashes, emotional effects, and costs of dollars spent in car crashes are typically discussed in defensive driving courses. The primary goal is to reduce the risk of such accidents by enabling students to make informed decisions.

Human Factors

A very common component of defensive driving courses is educating students on the role that drugs and alcohol play on the roads in U.S. Topics tend to include the state blood-alcohol limits, how judgment inhibitions, senses and motor skills are affected under alcohol and drug use along with the consequences of being found guilty.  

Psychological Factors

There are more than just a few things that can affect your decisions on the road. Although some of these things are beyond your control as a driver, you can handle these situations if you know what you are doing. Defensive driving courses tend to focus on how drivers can tackle unnecessary stress, emotional distress, fatigue, and road rage. There are also instructions included to help develop a positive attitude when behind the wheel.

Crash Prevention Techniques

The key to any good defensive driving technique is recognizing potential hazards before it’s too late. This is the reason why these courses include a lot of information on crash prevention strategies. These techniques might include:
  • Scanning the road and adapting to different driving conditions
  • Identifying vehicle stopping distance
  • Being aware of reaction time
  • Vehicle emergencies
  • Sharing the road with other drivers
  • Speed adjustments
The final portion of the defensive driving lessons includes education students on state-specific traffic laws. While for many students this portion serves as a mere refresher course, these laws are not known by many drivers. Ready for your driving lessons in Brooklyn NY? Get in touchwith us today to learn more about our services.
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