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The First Big Step On The Road To Your Driver’s License

OK, you finally got your learner’s permit. That’s out of the way. Great. But, now  

what? Where do you go to secure that coveted driver’s license?


Well, the next step is the mandatory five-hour pre-licensing course--also known simply as the five-hour class--that all permit holders age 16 and older are required to take prior to scheduling your all-important road test. And that’s where Drive Rite Academy’s convenient locations--serving Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Long Island, Manhattan and Upstate New York--and online availability come into play.


At the conclusion of the five-hour class--designed by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles to help people drive safely--future drivers receive a Completion Certificate (MV-278) that’s needed to take your road test. The only exception is if you have completed Driver’s Education and can produce an MV-285 form.


Now, while the five-hour class is not specifically designed to teach you how to drive or to offer advice on passing your road test, it does cover several key topics of interest. The class teaches you how to drive within the highway transportation system, will help you develop positive driving habits and skills, will help with your overall attitude toward driving and will offer pointers on safe drug-free and alcohol-free driving.


You know you need this class, but how do you go about signing up? Just present a current New York State photo learner's permit or a valid intern permit with a New York state government-issued ID card. And the best place to bring these items would be Drive Rite Academy, where you can virtually sit in one of these informative classes in the comfort of your home through Zoom. 


The first step is to log onto the school’s website at driveriteny.com and check for the available class dates and times. The school offers the class every day of the week, during the day, on the weekends and on weekday evenings, where  you can even sign up for one of the new, popular Zoom classes.


For this Zoom class--which features live interaction with the school’s experienced driving instructors--you will need to download a Zoom app, have reliable internet access, have a camera and microphone enabled on your device and be in a quiet place with minimal distractions. Check the website for the scheduled Zoom classes. A Zoom link will be sent to your email approximately one to two hours before the start of the class.


The Completion Certificate--the end result of the five-hour class--can be picked up for free at Drive Rite Academy’s main office during regular office hours after three business days or it can be mailed to you (for a $5 fee) after a one-week to two-week waiting time.


Speaking of waiting--what are you waiting for? Contact Drive Rite Academy today and get started on your journey to four-wheel freedom. There’s no time like the present!  Click here to book

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